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Thanks for stopping by. This new Daily Deal Site was created to fill a need for those "other" categories that cannot get their offers published on those bigger sites.

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That's a GREAT question! Since we're not fully set up at this time, we have no offers. Wait a minute, don't leave just yet. We're not saying that we don't have any deals in the works for you, we just don't have our site set up to offer them to you. Here's what you can do: while you wait paitently for us to complete this AWESOME new site that'll be chock full of deals, you can sign up for our mailing list. Yeah, we know, you don't want to be spammed, or have your inbox filled with "junk". We PROMISE (Scouts Honor (and yes, we were scouts at one time)) that we will only send you ONE (1) email per day containing great deals and offers that you'll be happy to see. We also PROMISE to not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your personal information to third parties (other than to our generous merchants that are providing these Smokin Deals).

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Once we get our site squared away, we'll be bringing you Smokin Deals that you just can't pass up. There'll be deals on tobacco products, smoking accessories, adult toys, and much, much more.

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